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Old Heroes
. . . In which Jordan the Red, Warrior Hero, encounters his greatest fan.
Drunken Master
. . . In which Jordan agrees to take Eliott on as his apprentice, against his better judgement.
Band on the Run
. . . In which Jordan discovers that Eliott already has a band of companions to join in their adventures.
Camping Out
. . . In which Jordan and Eliott enjoy the great outdoors.
Things that go Bump in the Dark
. . . In which Eliott acquires a genuine quest to deal with a mine full of goblins.
. . . In which Jordan and Eliott arrive at another town, and visit yet another tavern.
Grave Matters
. . . In which Jordan and Eliott have their own personal encounters with the communicative dead.
. . . In which Jordan takes up a vital mission: finding himself a new job.
Bard of Bards
. . . In which Alec James and Bard encounter a talent agent from the Entertainers' Guild.
Soft Side
. . . In which Jordan's secret expensive habit is revealled.
Guilded Cage
. . . In which Kess and Eliott search for thieves, and Alec James finds a higher calling.
This Time of the Year
. . . In which our heroes are plagued by midwinter gnomes and mad alchemists.
The Story
. . . In which Jordan recounts his very first adventure, from his own perspective.
A Touch of Magic
. . . In which Kess and Eliott dabble in the mystical arts, and Bard dabbles with found music.
Fun With Potions
. . . In which Eliott "helps" Alec James in the lab.
Adventurer In Training
. . . In which Jordan finally gives Eliott a lesson in adventuring: The Quest for the Seven Shards of the Sacred Sceptre of Thingamy.
Big Bad
. . . In which a demon becomes involved in the quest.
The Rats of Cheese
. . . In which the town is overrun by vermin, shortly before the entirely coincidental arrival of a wandering flautist.
. . . In which our heroes and villains face the consequences of their prior adventure, and Eliott starts a Jordan the Red Fan Club.
A Midsummer Bard's Dream
. . . In which Alec James enjoys a festival, and Bard is taken prisoner by the Queen of the Faeries.
. . . In which Kess, Eliott, and Jordan also enjoy a festival, with differing levels of enthusiasm.
Filler Week: Meet the Band
. . . In which the author gets lazy and puts up a series of single-panel character shots.
The Meeting
. . . In which Jordan relents, and attends a meeting of his own fan club.
Where Legends Begin
. . . In which Kess explains her reasons for being a Jordan the Red fan, and why there are no other elves around.
The End of a Very Long Day
. . . In which Jordan gets very drunk and very angry.
Hero in a Bottle
. . . In which Jordan sobers up extradimensionally.
. . . In which Jordan attempts to keep Eliott diverted without Kess around, and the rat-man returns.
Moving On
. . . In which our heroes depart from the town of Cheese, and encounter a creepy tower full of demons.
Changing Medium
. . . In which the author pulls a very unconvincing transition out of thin air, and our heroes are converted to prose.
. . . In which Alec James searches through strange books for the missing Bard.
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